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About Commonfloor

Passionate about simplifying property decisions, offers home seekers, sellers and real estate professionals an extensive online real estate ecosystem. This ecosystem innovatively combines at a single stop:

  • Exhaustive search options for both renting and buying property
  • Easy to use analytics
  • Apartment and locality reviews
  • A comprehensive and verified data base of apartments across India
  • Apartment community management tools

As a user you have all conceivable property details for over 5 lakhs active property listings across over 200 cities and over 1,10,000 projects.

Apart from a robust search mechanism Commonfloor also maintains a vast repository of research on a host of property related matters ranging from legal issues to maintenance to facility management to home insurance among many others.

With over 70 lakh monthly online visits aims at adding value to each and every property pursuit.

Know what others are saying about us

  • The association with has been very fruitful, these people know every bit of real estate market, and their quality work has been provided us with a new boost in our business, they are the new sunshine in online real estate portal.

    Kamal Vataliya

    Capital Realtors
  • helped us in reaching distant customers. Partnering with enhances our brand Image in the are where dazzle have lesser presence. Leads provided by team are focused and this led to lower conversion costs.

    Anurag Gupta

    Director, Dazzle International Pvt. Ltd
  • has been a beneficial tool to market our projects. It gave us more than expectation in terms of genuine leads than most portals that we have subscribed to in the past 4 years.

    Joy Sarker

    Marketing Manager, Paras Group
  • We have experienced high quality leads and are really happy with the service.

    Salman Dawood

    Director, Monarch Group
  • Anybody who associates with CF will feel enriched by the nice experience at the end of the day.I feel honored in associating with CF as it increased my business, and quality of service from CF to us is great.

    Indranil Mukherjee

    Supervalue Properties
  • As a CF user for more than half a decade now, it has been an exciting and eventful journey for us. It indeed has been a game changer of sorts in the real estate industry. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    Amit Banerjee

    Ascat Pvt. Ltd.
  • We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to CommonFloor. We also appreciate your work and look forward to expanding our business with CF in future as we have got some good deals through CF.

    Augustine Joseph

    Network Ventures
  • CommonFloor has been effective and friendly business partner. It is a good platform to advertize yourself to the market, if you are an interior designer.

    Bharath Gopadi Balakrishna, Founder & CEO | GBB Co...

    Bharath Gopadi Balakrishna

    Founder & CEO | GBB Construction Solutions
  • I have been getting very genuine response from this portal. Appreciate the whole team for keeping the site updated. Though earlier too the site was good, now it is excellent because of the new features

    Vipul Jain

    Padmavati Associates
  • Very good portal! Our experience with CF has been phenomenal.

    Harish Achar Brahmavar

    Homz N Space
  • I chose CF after a friend recommended it to me. I found the site really amazing. It not only helped me in creating a brand name for my company, but also earned me good money from the ads that I posted

    Sachin Bhardwaj

    Plan India Realtor
  • Commonfloor is a platform that gives us customized solutions as per our requirements. Thanks to commonfloor, we are getting valuable clients for our business.


    Imperative Creation
  • CF has a good online presence and great SEO tactics resulting in better leads for advertisers. The most important feature is AMS which helps popularising various projects in the market.

    Sahil Sapra

  • We have experienced a lot of enquires and really good conversions. CF not only gives a high quality service but also satisfy customers with excellent customer relationship management by a dedicated team

    Joseph George

    Executive-Corporate Communication, Century
  • An excellent platform for property searching and studying the real estate market. Our micro site was designed with perfection which gave us a tremendous response from the prospective buyers.


    Manager-Sales, Nishant Properties
  • It\'s been a wonderful experience. In a short span of time CF has established as one of the leading property portal. Appreciate their research team and the way they have designed the site and tools

    Uttam Thakur

    Sr.Manager-Sales & Marketing, Saket Group
  • An effective sales tool in this highly competitive real estate market. A reliable sales source with some quality enquiries for our sales team. We have really experienced a ...

    Anand Raj

    Marketing Manager, Concorde Group
  • We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to CF. We also appreciate your work and look forward to expanding our business with CF in future as we have got some good deals t...

    Augustine Joseph

    Network Ventures
  • Members are very happy that they can opine and be in touch with the managing committee 24X7 . We are now planning to take our commonfloor usage to the next level.

    Surajit Bhattacharjee

    Ganpati Apartments
  • Overall, perfect tool to manage apartments such as ours . Portal is very intuitive and easy to use. More than anything else, the support is excellent.

    Ashok Bhardwaj

    South City 1
  • CommonFloor is a brilliant concept through which residents of a particular community can be in touch and decide on policies for the betterment of the society in which they live.

    Anil Yadav

    Maple Crescent
  • This is very user-friendly. It is very easy to upload data and it has a wide reach which gives us huge amount of mileage. we are able to upload a lot of data at a convenience and in very quick time.

    R S Rathee

    Gurgaon Citizens Council
  • Technical Help provided by the team is appreciable. They solve the queries very soon.

    R S Mohan Raj

    Casa Grande Riviera
  • The Technical team in extending coordination and offering Tips for easy handling of the various sections in the portal is extremely good; above all their interactions are friendly and give a feeling of within.


    Heritage Jayendra Nagar
  • I use commonfloor for all my real estate searches and it is like google for me in searching properties in Bengaluru. I like the page design, easy navigation, property details, similar properties in the same project for sale, project details with initial offer ...


    Property Owner, Bangalore
  • Joined Commonfloor just now. Need to compliment the idea. The website is very well built and caters to the users requirements. Great work!!

    Vijay Kadival

    Property Owner, Bangalore
  • Your site is very helpful... Particularly I like the interface with which one can post the property.


    Property Owner, Bangalore
  • I was pretty overwhelmed by the number of responses I received which tells me that a lot of people are using your site to search for properties. I felt that the data collection when a person puts up an advert is pretty comprehensive.

    Alok Sanyal

    Property Owner, Bangalore
  • I just wanted to say thank you for such a great and user friendly site! I have been looking for an apartment for rent and by far your site has been the most useful! Thank you!

    Tanya Dhall

    Property Seeker, Delhi
  • CF Team You guys deserve a round of applaud for the efforts and attention youve plugged into your portal.Great Job. Great Going. Keep it UP


    Courtyard en masse
  • In our experience with several web portals Commonfloor is one of the best and user friendly. Good job CF team

    J. Joseph Domnic

    Roots Estates Properties
  • CF is a very good platform of lead generation in apartment Communities. Iam satisfied with the quality of leads from CF


    Agni Property
  • Overall good experience with services of CF and quality of leads


    Vintage Consultants Inc
  • Serious buyer and sellers. It has helped in growing our business. Highly recommended for fellow consultants

    Ayub Khan

    Apex Estate and Properties
  • It is a very user friendly Property Portal for Property Owners. Property Buyers and of course realtors. Brilliant work from the common floor team. Keep it up


  • Good job done by CF. they are very responsive and I am very happy with services. CF services are real value for money for my company


    LJ Hooker Bellanndur