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Cancellation and Refund Policy
Last Updated on 27th Feb, 2020
In the event you wish to cancel any of our services, then, you shall be permitted to do so on the Website. The cancellation will be effective after due confirmation from our side and a notification to this effect will be sent to you. After cancellation of a service, you will not be required to make any additional payments for the period after we have confirmed your cancellation. However, you will not be entitled to any refunds for any amounts paid by you prior to cancellation even if the services have not been fully rendered by us.
If for 6 months we don’t see any activity/action for an account, it will be considered as Inactive and account will be kept in suspension. A customer would have another 3 months to activate listings/filters etc. If no activity for 9 months, these credits will be terminated/forfeited on account of Inactivity for 9 months and the customer cannot claim credits post this period.

Pricing and Services:
The charges for various services vary over different offerings. To know more about the offerings and pricing, please contact us.

The User hereby agrees and authorizes that the Company has the right to:
  • Any information or data supplied by the user, for the company's own purpose and/or pass on such information to any other associate companies or selected third party, as per this agreement
  • The company also reserves all rights to retain all data or/and information supplied by the User while using the Service to remain with for the exclusive use of the Company in accordance with service agreement.
  • By using services and providing us your phone/mobile/landline number, you agree to receive all sales or service calls from our employees/partner/alliances not withstanding your registration for NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry.

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